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Microcopy 101: A closer look at Go-To Skincare

I’m a big fan of Zoe Foster Blake. She’s a writer, ex-beauty editor, published author, businesswoman extraordinaire. She’s also a Mum. And she’s incredibly funny.

With a measly 642K followers on Instagram, I’m clearly not the only person who admires her. But this article isn’t about fangirling over Foster Blake.

I wanted to take a detailed look at the UX writing, microcopy and tone of voice across her skincare website, Go-To Skincare.

I’m always on the lookout for great examples of microcopy and UX writing that really nails the brand voice. I keep coming back to Go-To, pleasantly surprised with the wit, humour but most importantly, the overall ease of use and guidance throughout the site.

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Taking the plunge from Copywriter to UX Writer

I’d never spent so long considering so few words.

I didn’t realise at the time the fragments of copy I was creating even had a name. But I did know one thing- I was bloody enjoying it.

In 2016, I joined a fintech startup as the only native English speaker and writer. I quickly realised it was up to me to create the entire content strategy and copywriting for the business.

I relished the chance to empathise with our customers. To walk in their shoes, to face the problems and challenges they were hoping to overcome. I got started armed with a notepad, large whiteboard and a stack of coloured sticky notes. Yep, I liked this project already.

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