Casey Elmer
Casey Elmer
Sydney UX Writer and Content Designer

Hello there, I’m Casey…

I’m a UX Writer and Content Designer living and working in Sydney.


Curiosity | Creativity | Empathy

If I were born a couple of generations earlier, I probably would’ve been a Librarian.

I love making sense of mess. I relish understanding how information is structured and how it can better serve the people who need it. I’ve always enjoyed reading, writing and understanding what makes people tick.

I embrace human-centred design principles to ensure the digital products we create today fit meaningfully in the lives of our users and customers. Clarity, consistency and context guide my work.

I am a UX copywriter and content designer with over five years’ experience across finance, banking, small business, retail, recruitment and startups. I enjoy and have relevant expertise collaborating across marketing, product, design, and customer service teams.

I have a growing passion for user research and have spent the last 12 months studying my Masters of Interaction Design, along with self-education, internships, and working with design consultancies learning how to plan, execute and analyse design research. I hope to translate these new skills and knowledge into insights and outcomes; to better inform the design of products, services, and experiences.  

UX Writing + Digital Copywriting


Content Design + Strategy


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Casey Elmer | UX Writer + Content Designer

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Photography, travel, family, food and wine feature heavily below.

Urban streetscapes and Sydney’s heritage buildings are the things making me tick right now.

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